Tribute From Louise Raw (UNISON) January 2000

Remembering Roger Sylvester

At the beginning of last year, Roger was a young man with his whole life in front of him, looking forward to the new millennium.

Even after all this time itís still hard to believe that Roger isnít ever going to walk into the union office or phone us again.  He always stood out, and was a pleasure to speak with, because he was so polite and friendly.  He had a very gentle way about him and a deep rumbling laugh, which was infectious.  Having met Rogerís family.  I can see where he got it from, and I wish that I could have met them under different circumstances.

None of us in the UNISON office will ever forget the day we heard what had happened to Roger.  We were plunged into shock and disbelief.  Its simply made no sense that this lovely man, who wouldnít hurt a fly, could have met such a brutal end. 

Islington UNISON is 100% behind Rogerís family and friends in their campaign for justice, and itís an honour to help in any way we can.  Their courage and dignity in the face of such terrible grief and loss has been an inspiration, and we have learned such a lot from them.

We hope that this New Year will bring answers to the familyís questions and the bringing to justice of those responsible for Rogerís death.  Nothing can give those who loved him the one thing they really want Roger back with them- but at least then they could have some peace of mind and the chance to rest and to grieve properly.