Mr Sylvester                                                                  18 April 2004


When we thought there was going to be some closure we were shocked by the attempt of the 8 police officers to quash the inquest verdict.

We are disappointed with the recent attempts by an MPA sub-committee to pay the fees of the 8 police officers. When we,  who did not ask for this fight and because we own our home are not entitled to public funds.

During the last 5 yrs I was told to just bury my son and move on. If everyone took that attitude we would not have had to fight so long and hard for some truth.

We are bitterly disappointed and feel cheated by Lord Wolff forcing us to an inquest. Given the conclusions reached by the inquest jury on the evidence they heard and the directions they received, we believe a jury at a criminal trial would convict on hearing the same evidence and receiving the same directions.

For four weeks we sat through the inquest proceedings. We saw the undignified way the advocates for the 8 and the commissioner behaved; their manipulation of the proceedings, their bullying of the coroner; it was literally 3 against 1, a rerun of David and Goliath.

Like all the families who have lost their loved ones before and after Roger's death the authorities frustrates our efforts. This has caused all sorts of distress. We know we have a good case and we are not a family that shy away from a challenge. We will fight this challenge with vigour. With your continued support and with the help of God, we will prevail.